l am a storyteller who believes 
in the small moments being 
the important ones.

About Michelle baron

words are not my strength, but photos are…

…but I will give it a try! I have always loved being creative and admire aesthetics in every way. I don’t have one of those stories where I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. I had so many different jobs, lived in Spain in between and traveled a lot before I realized that I could make a living doing what I love. And it definitely didn’t happen overnight.

I am very grateful that I get to photograph people in love and in connection with travel, landscape, architecture or even fashion, all that makes a work of art complete and I can call this my profession. So if I get to photograph you, you can be sure that I will give everything, because I never take this work for granted and I love what I do!

I don’t take myself too seriously - I’m more an easy going person and sometimes a daydreamer. I’m definitely an emotional person and decide everything from the gut and always follow my intuition. So if you are looking for someone to laugh with or even have a little adventure or you need a friend to calm down, look no further!
And now it’s your turn…


Hey, Hi, It's me,

French fries addicted, no matter what the variation - that’s probably the number one reason why I absolutely have to visit Belgium.

Music Lover and no matter where there’s music, whether it’s in the supermarket, in the locker room, or even on a dance show on TV.
I am the first to dance along and sometimes it is quite embarrassing.

Even if I’m not hungry, I eat everything away from my husband when he makes himself something to eat.

Well and then I love animals more than anything. I grew up with cats and now own two wonderful dogs named Max & Henri! I would love to have a yard full of animals myself but that would blow up our little house. And because of the love of animals I eat vegetarian for several years and have unknowingly infected many of my friends with it. Sorry not sorry! ;)

Things i love

Here are some

visit an animal welfare organization

traveling by my own to a distant land

emigrate to spain (or hawaii)

get a vernissage

build my dream house

spend Christmas in Lapland

go backpacking

marry the love of my life

see the northern lights

On my bucket list

You and I - our adventure awaits!

Let's create some magic together!